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TSP Name:Paiute Pipeline Company
Critical Notice Indicator:Y
Notice Status Description:Initiate
Notice Type:Operational Alert
Posting Date:04/05/2021
Posting Time:07:04 AM
Notice Effective Date:04/06/2021
Notice Effective Time:07:00 AM
Notice End Date:
Notice End Time:
Notice Identifier:3521
Prior Notice Identifier:
Required Response Indicator:5
Response Date:
Response Time:
Subject:Northwest's Underrun Entitlement Warning

Notice Text:

Northwest Pipeline has issued an Underrun Entitlement Warning for Gas Day, Tuesday, April 6, 2021, until further notice.  Northwest is requesting that customers closely align their usage with supply.  If Northwest declares an underrun entitlement, Paiute will issue an Operational Flow Order in accordance with Section 5.2(b) of the General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) of Paiute's tariff.

Any questions regarding this information may be directed to Paiute Pipeline Scheduling at (702) 876-7332.