Great Basin
TSP Name:Great Basin Gas Transmission Company
Critical Notice Indicator:Y
Notice Status Description:Initiate
Notice Type:Maintenance
Posting Date:10/06/2021
Posting Time:10:15 AM
Notice Effective Date:10/13/2021
Notice Effective Time:10:15 AM
Notice End Date:
Notice End Time:
Notice Identifier:3568
Prior Notice Identifier:
Required Response Indicator:5
Response Date:
Response Time:
Subject:Tuscarora Maintenance on Reno Lateral

Notice Text:

TC Energy will be performing maintenance on the Reno Lateral from Wednesday, October 13, 2021 through Thursday, October 21, 2021. Capacity at the Wadsworth interconnect with Great Basin Gas Transmission Company will be zero (0) during the maintenance period. Great Basin requests shippers source their supplies from alternate receipt locations.

Questions regarding this information may be directed to Great Basin Gas Transmission Company Scheduling at (702) 876-7332 or (800) 314-4843.