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TSP Name:Paiute Pipeline Company
Critical Notice Indicator:Y
Notice Status Description:Initiate
Notice Type:Operational Flow Order
Posting Date:02/21/2019
Posting Time:12:15 PM
Notice Effective Date:02/23/2019
Notice Effective Time:07:00 AM
Notice End Date:
Notice End Time:
Notice Identifier:3365
Prior Notice Identifier:
Required Response Indicator:1
Response Date:02/23/2019
Response Time:12:00 AM
Subject:Operational Flow Order (OFO) - Northwest Pipeline Entitlement

Notice Text:

Northwest Pipeline LLC (Northwest) has provided notice of a Declared Entitlement Period for overruns beginning Gas Day Saturday, February 23, 2019 until further notice. Paiute therefore is issuing an Operational Flow Order for overruns in accordance with Section 5.2(b) of the General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) of Paiute’s tariff.

Accordingly, pursuant to Section 5.2.(b) of the GT&C, Paiute hereby provides notice that each shipper should endeavor to limit its actual takes so as not to exceed its Daily Scheduled Quantity for each day of Northwest’s Declared Entitlement Period. Volumes taken in excess of a shipper’s Daily Scheduled Quantity shall constitute an Unauthorized Daily Overrun and will be subject to the penalties described in Section 5.2.(b)(2) of the GT&C, in the event that Paiute is assessed penalties by Northwest.

The following information is provided in accordance with Section 4.6 of the GT&C:

1. Time OFO issued:        12:20 PM PCT Thursday, February 21, 2019

2. Time OFO effective:     7:00 AM PCT Saturday, February 23, 2019

3. Duration of OFO:          Until further notice

4. Extent of the OFO:        All FT-1 and IT-1 Receiving Parties

5. Reason for the OFO:    Declared Entitlement Period by Northwest Pipeline

6. Requested action:        Limit actual takes to not exceed Daily Scheduled Quantities

7. Other Terms:                None

8. Time of compliance:     Must commence on the Gas Day of Saturday, February 23, 2019

Any questions regarding this information may be directed to Paiute Pipeline Scheduling at (702) 876-7332.