Great Basin
TSP Name:Paiute Pipeline Company
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Posting Date:06/28/2021
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Notice Effective Time:08:04 AM
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Subject:Proposed Draft Tariff Filing

Notice Text:

Paiute Pipeline Company (Paiute) offers its customers an opportunity to review this tariff filing prior to filing it with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Paiute requests any comments or concerns be provided on or before July 13, 2021, so that Paiute can respond prior to the filing being submitted to the FERC.  Please direct comments to Paiute at

Paiute plans to revise its Tariff General Terms and Conditions (GT&C) to establish terms and conditions for the receipt of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) on its pipeline system.  The proposed changes are limited to the receipt of RNG at designated RNG Receipt Points.  The changes are designed to promote development of RNG in Paiute’s market area while protecting the integrity of Paiute’s system, the gas-burning equipment of its customers, and the general public.

Paiute proposes to modify the gas quality specifications in GT&C Section 3 of its Tariff to address the potential differences between RNG and traditional sources of gas delivered by upstream interstate pipelines connected to Paiute.  Paiute proposes tariff language that requires RNG to conform to the gas quality specifications for traditional gas sources and for processed Biogas.  However, Paiute, in its reasonable judgment, can accept RNG containing not more than four percent (4%) by volume of inerts (including but not limited to carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen) and a total gross heating value of not less than 950 Btu, as long as the RNG meets the other requirements in Paiute’s Biomethane Verification Program and Operating Policy.  Paiute further proposes new GT&C Section 3.5 allowing it to accept, in its reasonable judgment,  RNG or traditional sources of gas on a short term basis that does not meet Paiute’s  gas quality specifications in Section 3 only if Paiute can meet the tariff requirements for gas quality at Paiute’s Delivery Points.  Paiute is not proposing any changes to GT&C Section 3.2 of Paiute’s Tariff for gas quality specifications at its Delivery Points.

Paiute also proposes new GT&C Sections 3.3, 3.4 and 3.6.  Section 3.3 states that Paiute shall determine the gross heating value of the gas received at an RNG Receipt Point and the gas component analysis at reasonable intervals, as defined in Paiute’s Biomethane Verification Program and Operating Policy.  Section 3.4 states that Paiute may refuse to accept RNG if the RNG fails to conform to the gas quality specifications based on certain testing and analysis.  Section 3.6 requires the interconnecting party to pay, unless otherwise mutually agreed, for any additions or modifications to gas analysis or control equipment, if needed, to accurately monitor the quality of gas received at an RNG Receipt Point.

A copy of the proposed draft filing is available on Paiute’s website under the Regulatory Tab at