Great Basin
TSP Name:Great Basin Gas Transmission Company
Critical Notice Indicator:Y
Notice Status Description:Supersede
Notice Type:Gas Quality
Posting Date:01/16/2024
Posting Time:08:29 AM
Notice Effective Date:01/16/2024
Notice Effective Time:08:29 AM
Notice End Date:
Notice End Time:
Notice Identifier:3719
Prior Notice Identifier:3718
Required Response Indicator:3
Response Date:01/17/2024
Response Time:08:30 AM
Subject:Gas Quality on Tuscarora (Hydrogen Sulfide) Update

Notice Text:

Great Basin GTC is extending the decreased receipt capacity of 31,000 dth at Wadsworth Interconnect to Gas Day Wednesday, January 16, 2024, as the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) level continues to be monitored. 

Once the level falls to or below the tariff acceptable range of 0.25 grains per 100 cubic feet, this notice will be updated.

Questions regarding this information may be directed to Great Basin Gas Scheduling at (702) 876-7332.